Short fiction film | 4 minutes | 2016  

A boy wakes up and finds his head in a box; a real time live-streaming screen box. Shocked and confused, what could he possibly do? He sits pondering about what has happened, as a girl approaches with a curious mind.

Direction : Sunjoo Lee
Edit : Sunjoo Lee
Cast : Arvid Jense, Marie Caye
Music : Jaap Blonk, Sound Spread, Lucky Dragons
Live-stream is like a world in a mirror, or could be called the duplicate of reality. What if the real is covered from our sight, and the only thing visible is the live-stream of the real on screen? How much would you trust the information? What is more real; the real head or the live-streamed head of the person you are talking to?

The film examines this uncanny gap created by the modern technology. The gap between the reality and the live-streamed reality.