Book Shit
Picture Book / 64 pages
2017 (Korean Edition)

Book Shit explores the world of ‘shit’. In this book ‘shit’ is poo or pee, or trash, or a metaphor for our ignorance, struggles, and all the behind stories and rumours that consist of our toilets and sewers.

The research within each topic was generated by groups of students who were working in Food Non Food department of Design Academy Eindhoven in the year 2015. Sunjoo Lee as a drawer & interpreter, has collaborated with these groups to collage all the ideas together into a picture book. All drawings in this book are made by Sunjoo Lee.

The topics encompass psychological observations in toilets, sewer systems in global context, digestion systems, gut feelings, sense of guiltiness, the amount of shit humans produce, and much more.

37 copies of book ‘Shit’ were made and were exhibited/sold in Salone Del Mobile Milano 2015, as part of the exhibition ‘Eat Shit’.

Korean text with new drawings were added on a smaller format version of book Shit and was published as re-edited version exclusively in South Korea in 2017 July.