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Workshop <Phototrophic Robots>
Collaboration of Sunjoo Lee and Ko de Beer

An electronics workshop for children and beginners.

You can learn how to make a robot that follows a light. When you walk around with a flashlight leading the path of the robot, it will follow you very well.

The robot is made of parts that are easy to find and buy. So the participants can always make it again with parts they can buy themselves.

It uses analog technology, meaning that you do not need to code in order to make this robot run. But still you can learn the basics of electronics. How the IC chip works to control the motor speed according to light intensity picked up by two light sensors.

This gives a good introduction into electronics, letting people approach electronics in an easy and fun way.

The workshop takes 1.5 hours. Right after the workshop, participants can play with the robot.

Photos from Maker Faire Eindhoven 2018