The Invisible Force
Book | A3 format | 52 pages

This book was produced within the process of making the documentary ‘Wavy Tales’.
Book ‘The Invisible Force’ showcases different microwaves owned by different people. As every person is, every microwave is unique. How the waves behave, what they hide behind their walls are described with drawings and texts. Some stories more personal, some stories more precise or obscure. It is all about what individuals see. Individual’s perception defines each and every relationship between the human and machine, and furthermore defines each human oneself, and each machine itself.

The text is based on interviews of people about their own microwave. The stories has been re-written to be more fictional.

“ Hidden behind the walls of this microwave chamber are antennas. And the special point is that these antennas are curved in their shape. They produce waves to heat up food. The waves are high in frequency, so the antennas must be somewhat special. The waves come from all sides of the chamber, reflect and bounce when they meet metal or ceramic surface.” p.4

“ You can get ADHD from standing in front of this microwave while it’s on. So you’d better be careful and stay as far as you can!” p.30