Wavy Tales
Film / 12 minutes
A documentary film that explores how, in a world explained by science and technology, our surroundings are still imbued with storytelling and wonder.

Direction Sunjoo Lee
Animation Daeun Lim
Music Jared C. Balogh
Design Sunjoo Lee

Festival Distribution aug&ohr

online screener 

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People have always told myths and stories back through time, even before we could write. Although today’s world is increasingly understood through science, the impulse to tell stories is as strong as ever. As technology increases in complexity, the mystery grows, and provokes us to create myths again in contemporary life.

In ‘Wavy Tales’, Sunjoo Lee asks people around her how their microwave ovens work. The rumours, fantasies and odd explanations about the invisible and unknown are told with humour and curiosity.

“The microwave oven is a magical box, inviting to be filled with imagination”

Book The Invisible Force