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Machine in Flux: Wood
2018 - ongoing
Collaboration project between Sunjoo Lee and Ko de Beer.

Working with support from MAD Emergent Art Center, Cultuur Eindhoven, BioArt Laboratories, and Vitalis Woonzorg Groep.

‘Machine in Flux: Wood’ is an art installation of a machine carrying out slow and delicate drawing performances, which its drawing resembles the cross section of a tree trunk.

Sunjoo Lee works together with Ko de Beer, who is an artist who builds his own electronic music instruments and robots.

The drawings this robot makes not only suggests how organic and responsive a robot/machine can be, but also the imagined landscape where machines mimick the complexity and beauty of nature.
This machine can sense light, wind, temperature, humidity, and sound. It has wifi receiver for sensing wifi signal strengths and possible communication with other machines.

The robot is able to translate these changes in the environment into a drawing. It responds immediately to its environment thus the drawing changes constantly its shape, black density, width and gaps between lines, and line texture.

It uses vegetable oil soot ink that flows through a capillary pen. For now we are limited to drawing on paper, but the future possibilities of new materials are always open for us.

We’re inspired by real trees’ looks and growth patterns for writing the code. Different tree species’ annual rings look very different and grow at different speeds.

Upcoming exhibitions:

• Dutch Design Week exposition
at BioArt Laboratories
Eindhoven, NL
19-27 September 2019

• Dutch Design Week exposition
at Vitalis Wilgenhof
Eindhoven, NL
19-27 September 2019